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If it wasn’t for Satonishi Nakamoto putting efforts into building Bitcoin then we Probably wouldn’t be as far as we are in the BlockChain space.

He/She or they invested their time and money into the BlockChain and revolutionizing the Finance industry with 4th Industrial revolutionary financial products.

Leveraging the power of the BlockChain will not only bring in new technologies and new ways of distributing currencies but also eliminating third party costs and centralized control of using these new financial products.

Investor can now leverage the power of the BlockChain by investing into Security Tokens.

Apply to invest into Securities Token Offerings.

Apply and Invest into Securities Token Offerings

Please Upload 3 months company Bank Statement, Copy Of Business Registration Certificates.
Please upload 3 months Utility bill, Credit Statement or sworn Affidavit from SAPS. Copy of Identity Document. If card, both sides must be clearly shown.